The need for regulation in crypto gets clearer by the day

Like it or not, agree or disagree, millions of people have decided to ascribe value to digital assets. In doing so, the management, exchange, storage and reporting (amongst others) of these assets MUST be subject to regulation and consumers have a right to expect those that hold their wealth to operate next to a set of rules that have been battle tested and refined over years.

Alchemy Advisory: Ethereum Merge Impact

With the move away from proof of work, Ethereum mining will no longer be viable as of next week, leading many to ask us where this leaves us with the % of mining equipment we have collectively dedicated to ETH.

Baraqiel Hits New Highs

We’re pleased to announce that Baraqiel has been invited to participate in Borderless Capital’s new fund and one of our portfolio companies, Ripio, has just launched a new token with Mercado Libre, the largest online marketplace in Latin America.