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As you may know the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell announced another raise in interest rates this week as the Fed seeks to keep inflation under control.

Now some have said these moves are too little and too late, but world over we’re seeing the same trend bearish markets, recessions on the horizon and difficult times predicted for us all.

To put that in numbers inflation currently sits at 7.2%, gold is down over 8% and the S&P500 over 15%.

If you’ve been looking at this and thinking about your future I’m willing to bet you’ve asked yourselves one of the following questions

  • how do I protect my wealth?
  • how do I protect my retirement?
  • how do I protect my legacy?

Up until now, solutions have been sparse at best even the crypto advocates amongst us can’t make a good argument for short term gains!

At A3, we’ve been working hard for the last few months to bring a project to you that we’ve beeninvolved in for several years.

This project is called Afluenta, a micro lending platform active in Mexico, Peru and Argentina that has a pedigree rarely seen in this space:

  • It has granted over 90 million dollars in loans
  • Has completed over 45,000 loans
  • And has generated 17m dollars in interest and returns to its investors

By leveraging the higher interest rates found in Latin America, combined with advanced AI to make credit assessments, Afluenta has a proven track record in generating above average returns.

We have 2 calls planned this week to go into the details for you, but to give you the cliff notes, afluenta pays you a guaranteed return per month more than some banks pay you per year secured by a book of 100’s of loans to ensure your investment is safe.

We’re energized and excited to bring this to you … We know people are concerned and have been seeking a solution.

Join us this week to hear more and find out how you can get involved.

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