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Welcome to A3

Proud to be different

The world of finance is solid, stable and seems to always be a shade of blue … or maybe thats our imagination.

We’re confused … why can’t making money for our family be exciting … or even fun!

The Company We Keep

Peter Swain

Managing Director

We believe we have an obligation.

An obligation to recognize that we have a part to play in what the future holds. An obligation to shape the planet our children inherit.

The quickest path to achieving that? The deployment of capital to elevate the right ideas.

Is Your Money Working As Hard As You Do?

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Welcome to A3

Meet the team

Peter Swain


Quick to see the impact of technology, Peter founded one of the first web agencies in the Middle East and has setup, funded and exited 4 tech focussed agencies across 25 years.

Roberto Ponce


Roberto has over 28 years of experience in strategic consulting, investment banking and venture capital. Part of the founding team of Bain & Company’s in Mexico and Costa Rica.

Katie Carlson

VP Partnerships AND IR

Responsible for over 100M+ in sales, Katie brings a unique perspective on creating financial freedom through asset protection, wealth generation and passive investment opportunities.