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Welcome to A3F

Innovative ideas superior returns

When we saw the offerings in alternative investments, we were … uninspired.

We couldn’t find a place where impact, return and fun existed together. A place where investors became family … a family who had the opportunity to define the future whilst bringing in great returns.

So, with the immortal words of George Bernard Shaw ringing in our ears, we set about building it:

“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”

Welcome to A3 Finance.

Our Projects

We were told to focus on one area and bring out a good offering.  We disagreed and brought out 4 market leaders instead.

eLife: Where will we live in the next decade?
Affluenta: Dependable & Stable Yields
Centurion: redefining traditional finance
Alchemy: ESG Friendly Crypto Mining


We believe we have an obligation … An obligation to recognize that we have a part to play in what the future holds. An obligation to shape the planet our children inherit.

The quickest path to achieving that?  The deployment of capital to elevate the right ideas.

We’re probably going to have to rewrite some “rules” to do that … we’re okay with that.

How We work


Deal Flow

Each opportunity we're presented with is scored next to its impact, the team and the potential returns. Our bar is high ... as you would expect.


Deal Structuring

The right deals are only part of the puzzle. How they're assembled, diversified and put together ensures our family gets the maximum return with risk mitigation assured.


Deal Funding

All of our opportunities are by invite only as we seek to ensure both GP's and LP's are aligned and that the product is a good fit. We typically have only 1 or 2 opportunities open in parallel.

Track Record

When our chairman sold his MacBook for 2,000 Bitcoin* he knew where he needed to be.  Since then we’ve been busy delivering year after year at market beating multiples.

*no .. he didn’t hang on to them … and yes, he regrets it :)

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